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Ophthalmologist in London

Miss Anna Grabowska

Miss Anna Grabowska is a highly trained and experienced ophthalmologist in London. She specialises in conditions of the retina, eye diseases and injuries. She works as a consultant ophthalmologist at King’s College Hospital in London and supports patients with a range of eye conditions. With a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the eye, she offers a range of treatments for different eye diseases and symptoms.

Patients will usually receive a referral from their GP to visit an ophthalmologist in London, but you can also visit a private ophthalmologist and be in control of your appointment times and scheduling.

Consultant Ophthalmologist Surgeon

Miss Anna Grabowska’s Experience

Miss Anna Grabowska is a highly regarded consultant ophthalmologist in London, at King’s College Hospital. Her specialisms include medical and surgical retina, and she has extensive experience allowing her to treat patients with all kinds of eye condition.

Her medical journey began with her graduation from Warsaw Medical University in Poland. She then chose to specialise in ophthalmology by completing speciality training in Ophthalmology in Madrid, Spain.

Miss Grabowska then moved onto developing her specialist skills in medical retina and vitreoretinal surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. With over 14 years of experience in ophthalmology, patients can be confident and comfortable under Miss Grabowska’s care.

Some patients do not know what condition they are experiencing and you may be referred to an ophthalmologist because you are experiencing a range of symptoms such as blurred vision, floaters, distorted vision or sudden loss of vision. Miss Grabowska and her team recognise how worrying and scary it can be if you experience a change in your vision. Getting professional help as soon as possible is vital.

Common Ophthalmological Conditions

Miss Grabowska sees patients experiencing a wide range of eye conditions and symptoms. Patients often arrive with diagnosis, but some are seeking this and want to know exactly what eye condition they are experiencing. Some of the most common conditions include:


A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens and once this occurs, you need the lens replacing. The benefit of cataract surgery is that your new lens can be prescription and therefore meet your visual needs exactly. They are most common in older patients but can occur at any age.

Macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is another common eye condition that affects your central vision as you age. It results in damage to the macula. There is no cure, but certain treatments can help manage the condition effectively.

Retinal detachment

This condition occurs due to trauma, injury, or conditions like diabetic retinopathy. It can lead to partial or complete loss of vision. It requires immediate medical attention.

Macular hole

A macular hole is a tear or hole in the eye’s macula. They can be repaired but will get worse if not dealt with quickly. Macular holes impact the central vision.

Retinal detachment

This condition occurs due to trauma, injury, or conditions like diabetic retinopathy. It can lead to partial or complete loss of vision. It requires immediate medical attention and should be considered an urgent procedure.

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Miss Anna Grabowska runs regular clinics at King’s College Hospital and is open to new patients and anybody who is experiencing eye problems, symptoms or living with a long-term eye disease or condition. Please get in touch today to find out more about her clinics and book an initial appointment.

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