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Miss Anna Grabowska provides macular hole surgery in London, as well as other procedures to help promote and protect people’s vision. Macular hole surgery can help significantly improve your vision and patients living with macular holes need to consider surgery as their best option. Let’s look more closely at macular holes and the surgical procedure to improve the condition.

What is a macular hole?

A macular hole is a defect in the centre of the macula, which sits at the very centre of your retina. The macula is a critical part of the retina as it is used for reading and recognising complex shapes and patterns. When a hole forms in the macula it cannot function properly and it will begin to affect your vision, making it difficult to read and easily carry out other visually demanding tasks.

While a macular hole does not cause blindness, it can make day-to-day life much more difficult and less enjoyable. For most people, a macular hole is caused through a process called posterior vitreous detachment. This occurs during the natural ageing process and in some instances results in the retina being pulled and macula holes forming.

Treatment for a macular hole

Macular hole needs to be treated via surgery. An ophthalmic surgeon can treat a macular hole using the surgical procedure vitrectomy. The surgeon will perform the procedure under local anaesthetic and is usually takes last then an hour.

Vitrectomy involves removing the vitreous, which is the gel-like material within the eye, via a number of small incisions. The surgeon will then treat the hole and insert a gas bubble into the eye. The bubble helps to protect the macula as it heals.

Once you have had the procedure you must not travel by plane until the gas bubble is resolved. This can take up to 8 weeks.

Results from macular hole surgery

For many patients macular hole surgery can stop their vision from being blurry or distorted. It can also lead to a degree of improvement in vision. Patients will gain some improvement to their vision but it is not always as good as it was before. Patients should be aware of this in advance. Closing a macular hole as early as possible can help deliver the best results. Therefore, as soon as experience changes in your vision you should make an appointment with your optician or GP.

Appointments for Macular Hole Surgery in London

Miss Anna Grabowska regularly performs vitrectomy procedures for patients in London. Patients can arrange an initial appointment with Miss Grabowska and discuss whether macular hole surgery is the right treatment for your circumstances. Please get in touch today and we can arrange that first appointment.